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How Does the Process Work?

Whilst you are trying to fix your machine or order a new one, we can sort out your laundry items. You may even decide that this household item is something you no longer need to pay for if you are happy with our service.


1. Place Your Order.

This can be done either online or via our app. When you order, you can either fill out an inventory of what products you are sending us or request a bag to fill, which we will sort.

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2. Items are Collected.

We then pick up your laundry at your chosen time and place. Whether you are at home, have taken your laundry to the office, or are in a different location each time, it's no problem!

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3. Items are washed, dried, and finished.

Once we have your clothing and linens, our laundry experts will work on refreshing and restoring your items to their best state.

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4. Delivery to Your Chosen Locations.

Now that everything is cleaned, steamed, ironed, and pressed, your laundry is returned to you. Simply hang up your items, and rest assured that you have saved time and effort by using our service.

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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Prices

At Love2Laundry we make doing your laundry simple.
We can save you time so you can enjoy doing the things you love.
Our dry cleaning prices are simple and affordable.

Laundry Price Promise
Shirt Offer
Shirt Offer
Starting From
AED 6.0
Laundry Price Promise
2 Suits
2 Suits
AED 76.50
Laundry Price Promise
2 Dress
2 Dress
AED 57
Laundry Price Promise
Wash, Dry, Fold
Wash, Dry, Fold
Starting From
AED 8.33
Per KG

Broken Washing Maching FAQ's

Our full pricing list can be found here. You can either pay per item of weight with prices starting from just a couple of pounds.

No, we also offer household washing, ironing, and alterations.

We offer an express 24-hour service, or our standard service takes a couple of days.

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Standard wash for just AED50.00

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